Welcome to Mamas in the Band.

My name is Ani Cordero and I’ve been making albums and touring since the late 90s. I’m a drummer and songwriter.  I’ve toured nationally and internationally, I’ve played dive bars, music festivals, beautiful theaters and everything in between.

Around 2005, I signed onto Bloodshot Records with my bilingual art rock band Cordero. My husband, Chris Verene, was also the drummer in Cordero. At the same time I was touring on drums for the Mexican Folkloric band, Pistolera

One very early morning while on tour with Cordero, my biological alarm clock went off without warning.  I was hit with this giant wave of emotions and the realization that I wanted a baby. It was overwhelming because I thought I couldn’t have a baby and continue being a musician.  I just didn’t have any examples of women in my life that were doing it! However, I was determined and stubborn so I made a plan.

My first album for Bloodshot came out around October of 2005. I got pregnant around Christmas and toured from February until July 2006. I actually had a blast touring pregnant.  By the end of the tour, I could barely reach my guitar because of my belly. But I was also so happy. 

In August I played only local NYC shows for Pistolera.  And then I had our son Nico in September. 

Nico was 5 weeks old when he went on his first tour.  It was a west coast tour with Pistolera. Chris came with me take care of Nico. He also doubled as my drum tech because I was on lifting restriction from a c-section.  Those early tours with Nico hold a special place in my heart. I’m forever be grateful to my awesome Pistolera bandmates for making it possible for me to tour with my baby.  

When I wasn’t on the road with Pistolera, I was touring with Cordero. We got really good at traveling as a band family.  We found an awesome Rock Nanny and she looked after Nico while we played. Our bandmates, Erich and Omar were the best uncles a kid could ask for.  

It was all going by so fast.  Back then I thought, wow I should start a blog and share everything we’re learning right now! Like –  make some kind of guide! I was going to call it Rock N’ Roll Baby…  But I was so busy living it, I didn’t have any energy left over to create a blog.

Fast forward to today.  Nico’s a teenager, and I have a little more time on my hands. It feels like the right time for this adventure.  

I’ll be interviewing awesome musician mamas who make all kinds of music and I hope that we can provide reassurance to musician moms and moms to be  while creating a supportive community of music mamas.

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Stay tuned for more soon and keep on making music, Mamas!