Welcome to Mamas in the Band.

My name is Ani Cordero and I’ve been making albums and touring since the late 90s. I’m a drummer and songwriter.  I’ve toured nationally and internationally, I’ve played dive bars, music festivals, beautiful theaters and everything in between.

Around 2005, I signed onto Bloodshot Records with my bilingual art rock band Cordero. My husband, Chris Verene, was also the drummer in Cordero. At the same time I was touring on drums for the Mexican Folkloric band, Pistolera

One very early morning while on tour with Cordero, my biological alarm clock went off without warning.  I was hit with this giant wave of emotions and the realization that I wanted a baby. It was overwhelming because I thought I couldn’t have a baby and continue being a musician.  I just didn’t have any examples of women in my life that were doing it! However, I was determined and stubborn so I made a plan.

My first album for Bloodshot came out around October of 2005. I got pregnant around Christmas and toured from February until July 2006. I actually had a blast touring pregnant.  By the end of the tour, I could barely reach my guitar because of my belly. But I was also so happy. 

In August I played only local NYC shows for Pistolera.  And then I had our son Nico in September. 

Nico was 5 weeks old when he went on his first tour.  It was a west coast tour with Pistolera. Chris came with me take care of Nico. He also doubled as my drum tech because I was on lifting restriction from a c-section.  Those early tours with Nico hold a special place in my heart. I’m forever be grateful to my awesome Pistolera bandmates for making it possible for me to tour with my baby.  

When I wasn’t on the road with Pistolera, I was touring with Cordero. We got really good at traveling as a band family.  We found an awesome Rock Nanny and she looked after Nico while we played. Our bandmates, Erich and Omar were the best uncles a kid could ask for.  

It was all going by so fast.  Back then I thought, wow I should start a blog and share everything we’re learning right now! Like –  make some kind of guide! I was going to call it Rock N’ Roll Baby…  But I was so busy living it, I didn’t have any energy left over to create a blog.

Fast forward to today.  Nico’s a teenager, and I have a little more time on my hands. It feels like the right time for this adventure.  

I’ll also be launching the podcast soon. I’ll be interviewing awesome musician mamas who make all kinds of music and I hope that we can provide reassurance to musician moms and moms to be  while creating a supportive community of music mamas.

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Stay tuned for more soon and keep on making music, Mamas!